Providing World-Class Security Services

NW Overwatch LLC operates exclusively under contract with East West Security and Consulting, Inc PS. If you would like to hire us, please inquire about our services through East West Consulting Group International.

Uniformed guards provide a highly visible presence that deters criminal activity. Our security officers may be armed or unarmed, depending upon the threat level and our individual client’s needs.

Our highly trained staff will protect your corporate officers and other important individuals who may need some additional protection and security locally or when they travel. We can provide teams of bodyguards, protective agents, and/or driver escorts.

Many sites require the use of a vehicle, to conduct patrols along a route across multiple locations or to provide static overwatch around the outside of your property. Options include both marked and unmarked vehicles, with or without flashing amber/white strobes and/or security markings. 

Why We Love What We Do

We are honored and grateful to serve our community by providing excellent security services to those in need. Our employees are highly trained and highly capable, ensuring that they are able to perform to the best of their capabilities and keep each client and their properties safe and secure. We are committed to continuous improvement and life-long learning.

Over 70 Years of Combined Experience

5 Star Company Review

Rapid Deployment Teams

Dedicated Support